Self Portrait with type - “Diamonds are only Carbon. You are so much more than that.”

A Typography exercise for a class where we could do whatever we wanted. Roughly 2 hours in Illustrator, after an initial quick sketch of myself in photoshop.Black and White version, because I couldn’t pick which I liked most.

So here is the finished piece of Stephen. “Kawaii King”

I had a lot of fun doing this, and the idea as a whole, i hope everyone likes it 


progress shot from earlier of my final piece that is of stephen

its gunna be the coolest you just wait

Here is my Dark value vs Light value piece that I redid digitally because my painting was a train wreck. Its for Dylan who was another of the individuals that were around when I asked for people.

it’s technically 2 pieces when i submit it, but i put it in one for here so you can kinda see how they are meant to go together. I might do another version with colour since drag makeup always looks cooler colored.

So here’s a colour study of Blooylou again, for my class assignment thing. This one is a light contrasting colour scheme. I liked the pastels and went a little different in comparison to the last few ones I’ve done. Ill probably play around with this sort of colour scheme for future drawings. and work on getting more detail or something.

So Im  back and finishing what is left of the colour study and Its due very soon. This one is of Drew and is meant to be a dark colourscheme with contrasting hue and stuff. 

I dont know if its dark enough, but It looked strange with skin that wasnt skin colour, so my teacher will probably complain. 

4th colour study for class of Trevor 

Warm colours with black and white accents. I cheat with the accents and add it to the  background just because I don’t like being told what to do. yeah.

and again, I’m terrible at lips and stuff.